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Now Released! LSW AutoProof

Only $99, with a 30-day free trial

LSW AutoProof is a simple, quick application for creating professional-looking contact sheets and proof pages. It is fully configurable and customizable. You can specify how many images accross and down per page, how large each image will be, the margins around the image, what text will appear on the page and where it will appear, and much more!

AutoProof is also fully customizable. If you would like your proof pages to have a certain "look and feel", we can quite simply add features to the rendering module to accomodate you. Custom development fees are quite reasonable, Email us for details.

New features in version 1.6 include digital "watermarking" of your custom watermark over top of each image, to ensure your copyrights are protected.

AutoProof is a shareware application that is free to try out. A full registered copy is only $99. Registered users have access to several features that non-registered users do not. Also, registered users will not be reminded to register their software on a constant basis like non-registered users are (sorry, I have to encourage donations some how!).

Note: The current version requires Windows 2000, XP, or NT. We will be releasing a version that supports WIndows 98/ME shortly, sorry! Check back weekly for updates.

Email us for details, or go to our downloads page to try it out!

For more information, please contact